T-ara Fans Furious over Hwayoung’s Departure

Following today’s announcement of Hwayoung’s departure from T-ara, fans have expressed their frustration, demanding a clearer explanation for her sudden drop out.

On July 30, Kim Kwang Soo, CEO of Core Contents Media, released a statement announcing Hwayoung will be leaving the group. It said there was no member discord, and explained the reason for her withdrawal was based on the opinions of 19 staff members. He added since Hwayoung has tremendous potential as a rapper, he’s letting her go and pursue a contract with any other agency.

However, fans are still not convinced about the “bully theory” not playing a role in this ugly breakup. Some of the comments posted on online community boards include, “If the ‘bully rumors’ are false, why are you releasing her from the group?” “The assaulter gets to remain and the victim has to go?” and “Your basing it off the opinions of 19 staff members?”

Hwayoung’s departure brought immediate impact to T-ara’s overall fan base as well. More than 6,300 fans dropped out of the official fan club shortly after the announcement and tickets to T-ara’s first solo concert in August are receiving countless calls for refunds. The concert, scheduled to be held on August 11, was already sold out, but is now in danger of being held in front of an half-empty crowd.

We’ll have to monitor the whole situation and see how Kim Kwang Soo and Core Contents Media handles the enraged fan base. Hwayoung has already taken her frustration to SNS channels, tweeting, “Facts without the truth.”