Core Contents Media Rep: “Hwayoung’s Contract Got Cancelled Because She Would Not Go on Stage”

Yesterday the Core Contents Media CEO Kim Kwang Soo did not give too much details regarding his somewhat vague press release or during interviews. However, it seems that Core Contents Media has changed their mind because of all the negative press?

A Core Contents Media representative stated on July 31, “This incident is spreading in a strange way. The problem with Hwayoung was the fact that after finishing the Japanese T-ara tour, she refused to go up on stage for a ‘Music Bank’ live performance. That is why we have come to the situation where her contract became extinguished. However, now it appears that Hwayoung was being bullied and because of the disharmony in teamwork her contract was extinguished. This is wrong.”

The representative continued, “Hwayoung was not bullied. The different screen shots going on the internet are edited to make it seem like she was bullied. This is not true at all. If these clips or pictures continue to appear online, we will begin to take legal action. This is an obvious case of libel and the circulation of falsehoods.”

Core Contents Media states that Hwayoung had injured her leg and was supposed to rap while sitting on a chair on stage. Rehearsals were already done for the performance. However, when she was supposed to go up on stage she refused. Then, Hyomin and Eunjung had to do Hwayoung’s rap for her and because they were nervous they even made mistakes. The CEO Kim Kwang Soo stated that there were more incidents than the “Music Bank” one but he would not reveal anymore.