miss A Suzy Airport Fashion: “Bean Pole Outdoors”

It appears that “Bean Pole Outdoors” is promoting their brand in a new way. How you ask? Airport Fashion of course!

Recently an article appeared on “Sports Chosun” that miss A Suzy’s airport fashion is gaining a lot of attention amongst Netizens. The article also states, that there was a post on an online community board with the title “Suzy Airport Fashion” that included different pictures of Suzy.

Suzy looks very beautiful in the high quality pictures and she is at the airport. However, these pictures were obviously taken by “Bean Pole Outdoors.” (The article even states that these pictures were provided by “Bean Pole Outdoors.”) Does it matter though? Not really, she looks gorgeous!

Netizens that came across the pictures stated, “Suzy looks like a character of a comic book,” “What is inside of Suzy’s huge bag,” and “Suzy is bling bling even at the airport.” Recently Suzy was chosen to represent “Bean Pole Outdoors” as a model!