Alleged T-ara Back Dancer Statement Points to Hazing: CCM Denies

The T-ara Hwayoung controversy is continuing on as more screen shots and pictures have appeared pointing in the direction of bullying or showing that there was no bullying going on.

Recently, a Netizen that identified herself as a back dancer wrote a statement on an online community board. It isn’t possible to tell if the back dancer is truly a part of T-ara’s back dancer team “Yama & Hot Chicks.”

Basically the post tells of a story where Hwayoung made a dancing mistake during practice. Jiyeon and Soyeon then stated, “If you’ve come into a successful group comfortably, you should do better.”

Afterwards the practice continued and Hwayoung’s expression was dark. Suddenly Jiyeon slapped her in the face saying, “If you’ve come into T-ara which has grown up well without you, do better, and practice with a better expression.”

Also, during the Hwayoung exposure incident, the T-ara members were supposedly indifferent. The Netizen also claims that whenever they would have to ride the car, the members would play rock scissors papers to see who would sit next to Hwayoung, because none of them wanted to.

On July 31, Core Contents Media stated the post is untrue. “The leader of the dance team Yama & Hot Chicks who is Bae Yoon Jung has denied the incident. She has explained that any celebrities or people from outside could come into the practice area. That is why it isn’t possible that Hwayoung could have been slapped like that.”

A representative of Core Contents Media stated, “This does not pertain only to posts with bad intentions, when writing an article about T-ara please make sure to write only about facts that have been confirmed.”

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