Core Content Media Trainee Reveals T-ara’s Jiyeon’s Bullying

With the controversy surrounding the bullying scandal of T-ara and Hwayoung heating up, more and more evidence of T-ara’s internal bullying has been surfacing. Recently, one netizen claiming to be a trainee at Core Contents Media revealed Jiyeon’s bullish behavior.

The anonymous writer started, “I am a second year trainee who is under the same agency as T-ara. GM Media = Core Contents Media = mnet Media. I decided to write this because of my frustration regarding the recent T-ara incident. These are my last words. I will quit being a trainee and disappear.”

She continued, “Hwayoung debuted on December, 3, 2010, and I became a trainee on April 18, 2010…If you come here, you’re screwed for life. During one of T-ara’s off-days, they came to our practice room. Hyomin rounded up all the trainees and a group who was about to debut and told us to introduce ourselves. I remember that day clearly. Someone said that Yeol Hyul Kang Ho (former Co-Ed Schoolmember) and Jiyeon were dating. Then Jiyeon shouted at me, “How old are you?” “Where do you live?” “Do you smoke?” “Do you have ID?” I told her my age, where I lived, and that I don’t drink nor smoke. The T-ara members said, ‘What~ Daebak.’”

Then “Yeol Hyul Kang Ho said loudly as if he wanted me to hear, ‘B*tch hasn’t smoke? That idiot, let’s take her out to a club tonight.’…We must expose all the bullying that goes on with celebrities. Jiyeon hit me with her heels. I still have the scar.”

Meanwhile, T-ara’s former back-up dancer also claimed that Jiyeon slapped Hwayoung across the cheek during rehearsals.