YoonA’s Marine Look Airport Fashion

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA showed perfect airport fashion with her cute marine look. She is currently working as a model for an outdoor brand and she had to depart in order to film a TV ad. On July 29, she left with Lee Min Ho to go to New Zealand for the ad.

On this day, YoonA completed a marine look with a striped T-shirt and a blue, frilly miniskirt. She emphasized her slim waist with a brown belt. She caught people’s eyes with her doll-like look.

Netizens who saw this commented, “YoonA wore the marine look right,” “YoonA’s marine look makes her shine like a doll,” “How does YoonA’s marine look suit her so well like that?” “I’m jealous of YoonA’s thin waist and arms,” and “YoonA looks like a walking doll.”