Cartoonist Disses T-ara and Recent Controversy

Well-known public figure, cartoonist Lee Mal Ryun expressed his frustration over T-ara’s scandal in a rather blunt manner. On July 30, he tweeted, “T-ara you crazy b*tches, because of you, all news about the Olympics are getting buried.” One netizen replied in an equally abusive tone, “Stupid idiot, people like you should stop talking about T-ara. Then the focus will stay on the Olympics — “ Lee Mal Ryun retweeted, “Why are you cussing me out. I’m f*cking pissed off. Don’t aggravate me.

News about T-ara’s controversial behaviors and Hwayoung’s departure have been the hottest trending topic on the internet, taking away some of the spotlight away from the 2012 London Olympics. Many netizens have expressed similar frustration at the ongoing war between Core Contents Media and Hwayoung.

Netizens commented, “I share his annoyance, but did he have to use such words,” “CCM tell us the real truth,” “I’m sick of this news,” “Such a shame, four years of hard work by the athletes are buried by such silly and trivial news.