K-Pop Songs to Make Love To!

Previously I had a conversation with friends, because I was curious about Korean songs that can make a “romantic atmosphere.” (Yes the title says “Make Love” as in literally make love, romance!)

Most Korean songs contain lyrics that talk about love, but it is hard to find idol songs that might make a romantic atmosphere while you are eating steak in the candlelight, drinking a glass of wine together, or listening to the same mp3 player while walking down the beach.

If the U.S. has R&B, South Korea has ballads!

Here is a list of songs that I believe are romantic K-Pop songs.

DBSK – Before U Go

I was pleasantly surprise when this song was released, it contains a good R&B swagger. Perfect for romance!
Lyrics Highlight: Know this before you leave. I am a man that only loved you.

Jo Sung Mo – If You Come Into My Heart

This song really sets the mood and is perfect for a romantic dinner setting!
Lyrics Highlight: I would run, I would fly, if you come into my heart.

Kim Dong Ryul – Drunken Truth

Kya! If you love K-Pop and you don’t know this song you are missing out! This is a Karoake classic in South Korea. The song is about a protagonist who is confessing his love to somebody when he is drunk. Although in real life this will usually lead to  disastrous results. However, Kim Dong Ryul manages to make it very romantic.
Lyrics Highlight: “Yeah I might be drunk, this might be a mistake, I might forget everything tomorrow morning, I might become nervous. However, I have something to tell you tonight.”

Taeyang – Wedding Dress

A lot of Taeyang songs have an awesome R&B swagger going on. This song strikes me as particularly more romantic.
Lyrics Highlight: “Baby please don’t hold his hand. Cuz you should be my Lady.

Rain – Love Song

Rain made this song ooze with sexy. No words are needed to describe this song, watch it above!
Lyrics Highlight: “In one moment your hand that was so used to my body pushes me away. What should I do, what should I do?

Shin Seung Hoon – Reflection of You in Your Smile

This is a classic romantic K-Pop ballad. Out of this list, this song has the oldest sound, but classics are classics for a reason.
Lyrics Highlight: “You are not as beautiful as a rose, but you have a deeper scent.”

Nell – Time to Walk Through Memories

Nell is known as Seo Taiji’s protege. It is said that Nell is heavily influenced by Coldplay and Radiohead. Anyways, this song contains very poetic lyrics that are very romantic. Nell sees his lover everywhere he goes and whatever he does.
Lyrics Highlight: “Even in the face of a stranger, even on top of a lonely leaf dancing in the wind, even in the air that hits my cheek in the afternoon, in everything I see, listen, and hear there is you.”

Se7en – When I Can’t Sing

Se7en’s somewhat sad song which he received from JYP is superb. I don’t know how romantic the lyrics are because it is a plea and question about whether the person he loves will stay with him even if he fails.
Lyrics Highlight: “Even after I lose everything, after my popularity fades, after I can’t sing, and after I find a different job, could you still love me for who I am.”

Sung Shi Kyung – The Road to Me

A classic Sung Shi Kyung song that launched his career. This song is a classic romance song!
Lyrics Highlight: “Those words I love you, I should have saved them, how am I going to express my emotions now? Even though everything changes, I will still love you with this heart.”

Jo Kyu Man – I Will Give You All

This song was an instant hit when it was released. It is a beautiful song stating that the protagonist will give everything he can for the one he loves.
Lyrics Highlight: “I am so unworthy of you, but I will give everything to you, all the love that I have left.”

Kim Bum Soo – I’m Missing You

Another karaoke classic. If I had a penny for every time I heard this song sung at a karaoke… Anyways, this song was Kim Bum Soo’s greatest hit!
Lyrics Highlight: “I’m missing you, I’m missing you. So much that I hate myself for this. I want to cry, I want to bend my knees in front of you. If only I could undo everything that has happened.”

Jung Yup – You Are My Lady

This song is Jung Yup’s signature song and is a beautiful song that features his famous “whisper” or “mosquito” voice.
Lyrics Highlight: “You are my lady, You are my lady, I miss you so I am saying this.”

Leessang – Turned Off the TV

Although the lyrics are raunchy, (The protagonist is asking that he turned off the TV because he loves his woman, and wants to hurry up and go to bed) there is something playful and romantic about this song!
Lyrics Highlight: “I turned off the TV because I love you so much, your red lips.”

10cm – Beautiful

10cm has many good songs, but most of them are upbeat and a bit far from the romantic I am talking about. However, this song manages to fit the bill perfectly. Enjoy the awesomeness of 10cm!
Lyrics Highlight: “Try and seduce me every night, I will probably fill your empty place. I will probably end up collapsing, cause you’re beautiful. So beautiful so beautiful beautiful.”

JYP – Behind You

Last but not least, here is JYP with one of his older songs “Behind You.” The song is a sad one which talks about a protagonist who has broken up with his lover. However, he is going to wait behind her for the day that he might have a second chance.
Lyrics Highlight: “Although you are leaving now, I will stand here behind you. I will be a bit further away from you so you don’t feel burdened at all. Sometime when you are having a hard time and tired because of the journey leaving, so that you can come into my arms without having to wait. I will stand here behind you.”
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