CCM’s Kim Kwang Soo Meets Hwayoung’s Parents

Core Contents Media’s Kim Kwang Soo held a meeting with Hwayoung’s parents and explained his decision to withdraw her from T-ara.

On July 31, in a phone conversation with Star News, Kim Kwang Soo revealed, “I met Hwayoung’s parents yesterday and explained the reason behind our decision, and they understood the whole situation.”

He continued, “We had a good conversation and ended our talks on a positive note. But we’re continuing to see false stories and negative comments show up online, and the press is publicizing those stories as if they’re facts. This is causing Hwayoung as well as other members and even their parents to go through very rough times.”

The CEO of Core Contents Media reiterated the decision to let go Hwayoung was not because of the “bully theories.” He added because of the negative press reports, Hwayoung and the other T-ara members’ relationship has been deteriorating, as well.

On July 30, Kim Kwang Soo announced Hwayoung will no longer be part of T-ara. Following the announcement, reports of bullying incidents and netizen speculation over member discord among T-ara members have flooded online community boards. Hwayoung only tweeted, “Facts without the truth,” yesterday, but hasn’t released any official statement at this point.