T-ara Losing Endorsement Deals Due to Bully Controversy

T-ara is about to get booted off from the advertising industry all together due to the ongoing “bully controversy.” On July 31, a representative from KDB Daewoo Securities announced, “Although we have a contract with Eunjung as KDB Dae Woo Securities endorsement model until September, we plan on changing our ongoing campaign images of Eunjung with something else. We have made such decision as T-ara and their actions have become socially controversial.”

On July 30, cosmetic company Tony Moly also announced that they will remove all T-ara related posters and other advertisements as soon as possible and not be renewing the endorsement contract with T-ara after August. A representative from Tony Moly explained, “Immediately after T-ara’s agency’s official announcement, we have been continuously getting complaints from school parents and parenting-related organizations. They are threatening to boycott us if we continue working with T-ara, because we are promoting the bullies. We do not plan on renewing the contract with T-ara after August. We are put in a very difficult situation.”

Outdoor brand Wild Rose is also contemplating what to do with their endorsement deal with T-ara. Since Wild Rose has their contract with T-ara until next March, they are very anxious about what could happen during this contract period. An official from the company said, “Since this is a very controversial social issue, we are preparing ourselves for the worst case scenario. However at the same time, our contract does not expire until March and we have to shoot catalogue pictures for F/W products soon. We cannot ignore the social repercussions of T-ara’s actions and our decisions. We will be releasing an official statement regarding T-ara sometime in the near future.”

Previously on July 30, Core Contents Media CEO Kim Kwang Soo made an official announcement stating revocation of T-ara’s ex-member Hwayoung’s contract with the company, after the alleged “bully rumor” of other T-ara members bullying Hwayoung continuously emerged online. He explained the reasons behind Hwayoung’s departure as her bad behavior affecting staffs and other members, However, the general public opinion is criticizing T-ara, CEO Kim Kwang Soo, and Core Contents Media for blaming the victim and not taking the full responsibility in dealing with a delicate social issue like bullying.