Numbers for T-ara’s Disbandment Petition Rising Fast

Online petition asking for T-ara‘s disbandment has reached 75,000 signatures in three days. Previously on July 28, an anonymous netizen has started this online petition titled “T-ara’s Disbandment.” This netizen wrote, “T-ara doesnn’t take their performances seriously and openly accepts the fact that they don’t even bother memorizing the lyrics of their own songs by having to look at the lyrics during performances. This proves that they clearly lack willpower in being good singers. Moreover, they are a socially evil group that actively participated in, encourages, and trying to get away with it bullying. Therefore, I created this petition asking for T-ara’s disbandment.”

Two days after “T-ara’s Disbandment” petition was created, Core Contents Media CEO Kim Kwang Soo made an official announcement stating Hwayoung‘s expulsion from T-ara and revocation of her contract with Core Contents Media. As Kim blamed Hwayoung’s bad behavior as the cause of such decision without mentioning anything about “bully rumors,” netizens and fans became furious. Many online fan clubs have closed down or turned into Hwayoung’s fan club and “We Ask T-ara to Tell the Truth (T-JinYo)” has been created. T-JinYo has reached 300,000 in members within two days. With T-ara’s disbandment petition and online communities like T-JinYo rising fast, things are not looking good for T-ara.

As the public opinion seemed to turn its back on T-ara, Kim later announced that he will consider accepting Hwayoung again if she apologizes sincerely. However, his most recent announcement did not put a stop in the rising signature numbers in T-ara’s disbandment petition, which is now over 100,000. After Kim’s announcement, fans and netizens are now anticipating to see what kind of actions Hwayoung will be taking from here on.