John Park Named Honorary Representative of “Global Poverty Eradication Contribution”

John Park has been named as the honorary representative of “Global Poverty Eradication Contribution.” “Global Poverty Eradication Contribution” refers to air ticket solidarity tax of 1000 KRW collected from each and every international flight passenger departing from Korea. Every year “Global Poverty Eradication Contribution” collects about 15 billion KRW. Through NGOs and Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), this money reaches patients and children in Africa to eradicate poverty and diseases.

A representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade commented, “Citizens are not well aware of 1000 KRW being donated to Africa whenever they purchase an international flight ticket leaving from Korea. We thought John Park’s exemplary and nice image fits our campaign very well. As a result, we have decided to name him our celebrity representative to raise awareness of ‘Global Poverty Eradication Contribution.'”

John Park’s agency Music Farm stated, “John Park is very honored to represent ‘Global Poverty Eradication Contribution’ as the program supports African people and children suffering from poverty and diseases. John Park will actively participate in promoting ‘Global Poverty Eradication Contribution’ and related programs as the honorary representative.” John Park will participate in “Global Poverty Eradication Contribution – Happy Flight Campaign” at Incheon International Airport’s Millennium Hall on July 31. Along with the “Happy Flight Campaign,” various other events and exhibits will take places in Incheon International Airport to promote “Global Poverty Eradication Contribution.”