Jung Il Woo Launches Official Japanese Fan Club

Jung Il Woo is launching official fan club in Japan after signing a contract with Hakuhodo Casting & Entertainment. Hakuhodo Casting & Entertainment is in charge of advertisement and casting of Hakuhodo DY Group and will be managing Jung Il Woo’s Japanese activities, promotions, support, and fan club. As Hakuhodo Casting & Entertainment is a large-scaled advertising firm, their infrastructure, network, and marketing know-hows will be very helpful in managing Jung Il Woo’s career and fan club in Japan.

Recently, Jung Il Woo became the first Korean actor to win the Best Asian Male Actor award at China’s Huading Awards and proved himself to be the new rising Hallyu star in China. Following such successful career move in China, his most recent drama “Flower Boy Ramen Shop” started airing in Japan and have been getting favorable reviews from viewers. Many industry officials are optimistically forecasting Jung Il Woo’s popularity growing even bigger in Japan and China after launching the official fan club.