T-ara Wars: Here It Is from the Beginning...

So… with the T-ara Hwayoung controversy going on and us reporting so much news about it, I thought I’d take this opportunity to write a gallery that would be more lighthearted but still give a comprehensive look at how Core Contents Media ended up in this mess.

(For you people that haven’t been following the news, T-ara’s Hwayoung was ejected from the group but it appears that she was getting bullied. Currently, there is nothing confirmed except for T-ara’s agency statements denying the bullying)

This whole ordeal is a great big opera to me, so why don’t we go on this journey together by connecting it to the greatest space opera of all time. STAR WARS!

(You might not get some of story here, so if you haven’t watched it already go and watch STAR WARS: A New Hope!)


It is a period of civil war. Netizen spaceships, striking from a

hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Empire Core Contents Media.

During the battle, Netizen spies managed to steal secret plans to the

Empire’s ultimate weapon, “HIDING THE TRUTH ABOUT T-ARA,” an armored space station

with enough power to destroy legions of fans.

Pursued by the Core Content’s sinister agents, Hwayoung races home

aboard her starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her

people and restore freedom to the galaxy…

 1. The Injury: 

Hwayoung gets injured after an MBC “Music Core” filming. She couldn’t really perform at the T-ara Japanese Budokan concert.

However, once they get back to South Korea she doesn’t appear on the July 27 “Music Bank” performance. Eunjung and Hyomin had to cover up. However, Hyomin screws up the rap part, and gets caught looking at a cheat note on stage. People wonder, “What is going on?”

If Hwayoung was really getting bullied, for me it almost seems like a plea for help? “Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.”

2. The Tweets: 

The T-ara members and their tweets begin to catch attention online.

Eunjung stated on July 25, that the “position” (in the group) makes the person, and that willpower can make the person as well. People need to take care of the people next to them. Jiyeon adds, “I applaud you acting genius.”

(These all seems like stabs at Hwayoung, for acting like she is having a hard time? Perhaps berating her for getting where she is because of luck and not being appreciative?)

Ruh oh! “They’ve found out about the droids! The chase begins!”

 3. The Sisters Strike Back:

Hwayoung replies back saying that, “God knows everything.”

Her sister also tweets back saying, “What does it matter if your face is pretty, your heart needs to be pretty. Is a person who is injured not a person at all? Now I am hurt too. I really want to cry, I’m just gonna go practice.”

(This seems like a stab back at the T-ara members)

The rescue attempt?

4. The Rumors Begin: 

Ruh oh, T-ara bullying rumors start to get out of hand! Pictures and clips “sort-of-showing” the T-ara members bullying Hwayoung begin to spread like wildfire. The CEO Kim Kwang Soo probably has a headache.

Darth Vader: “I feel a tremor in the force.”

5. The Buildup: 

On July 28, the CEO makes an ominous pre-announcement that a big announcement is going to be made about T-ara on July 30. The buildup before the announcement is crazy as Netizens and the press alike assume that it will be about Hwayoung.

“What are we to do?”

6. The Big Announcement: 

The bomb is dropped, on July 30, it is announced that Hwayoung is getting kicked out! CCM denies the bullying rumors and states that the reason she is getting kicked out is because of attitude problems and her refusal to go up on stage for “Music Bank.” Netizens and fans are not satisfied with the vague statement.

It is a bad day for T-ara fans. “They’re on Dantooine!”

 7. The Back Dancer Statement: 

Blow #1. An unconfirmed post appears of T-ara’s back dancer claiming that she has witnessed Hwayoung getting slapped.

All seems lost, but we will still fight back!

8. The Trainee Statement: 

Blow #2. An anonymous writer claims that she is a second year trainee under CCM. She claims, “Jiyeon hit me with her heels. I still have the scar.”

Another strike back!

9. The CEO’s Stupid Tweet

DOH! The CEO Kim Kwang Soo ends up fanning the flames with his tweet on July 30. He stated, “Hwayoung’s recent behavior has created a difficult situation in Core Contents Media. For this reason, I had to terminate her contract. However, if Hwayoung apologizes for her actions, I will discuss the possibility of her return with my staff and with the members of T-ara.” He continued, “Before that happens, it is important that she accepts responsibility for what she has done.”

I don’t know what he should’ve done in this situation but it definitely did not help!

We’ve found a weakness in the Death Star!

10. The Suspension: 

T-ara is getting hit hard and they finally decide to suspend their activities. The group’s final official performance will be at the Yeosu Expo 2012 on August 1 for the SBS “K-Pop Yeosu Expo Super Concert.”

A representative of CCM states “Since we’ll be focusing on our next album promotions, we haven’t scheduled any new activities at this point,” an official from T-ara’s agency was quoted as saying by local media.

Also, Eunjung skipped her scheduled appearance at the VIP premiere of “I’m the King” on July 30.

Hope is found again!

11. The Fan Petition: 

An online petition asking for T-ara’s disbandment has reached 75,000 signatures in three days. A new club “We Ask T-ara to Tell the Truth” is created. Things are not looking good for T-ara at all.

The strike on the death star begins!

12. The Loss of Endorsement Deals:

Ouch! T-ara begins to lose their endorsement deals. KDB Daewoo Securities drops Eunjung. Tony Moly removes all T-ara related ads. Wild Rose is now preparing for a “worst-case scenario” regarding T-ara.

Eunjung is removed as a model for the police and replaced with f(x) Krystal.

One Tie-Fighter Shot Down!

13. The Fan Website Announcement to Shutdown: 

Double Ouch! One of T-ara’s largest fan websites (4,000,000 visitors) decides to shut down. Many other T-ara fan clubs are closing down as well.

Another victory?

14. The CEO Meets the Parents: 

It seems like CEO Kim Kwang Soo is making a HUGE effort. (PR ploy or is he being real? It would be very of sad if he was telling the truth and this is all just a big witch hunt.)

Kim Kwang Soo states, “We had a good conversation and ended our talks on a positive note. But we’re continuing to see false stories and negative comments show up online, and the press is publicizing those stories as if they’re facts. This is causing Hwayoung as well as the other members and even their parents to go through very rough times.”

The big man steps in himself to stop the rebel scum!

15. The Secret Message from Hwayoung: 

What are skeptical, suspicious Netizens or sympathetic Hwayoung fans to do, with all of these mixed reports? They want the truth!

Bam! Hwayoung is shown entering the CCM building and hopeful fans find a hidden message in the text that Hwayoung makes. On July 31, former T-ara member Hwayoung tweeted, “To my fans, I apologize for letting you down after all the love you’ve shown me. Please stop now and look forward to my more mature and improved self in the future. I’m sorry for making you worry. I also want to apologize to my Core Contents Media family. I’ll meet you all with a better image next time.”

However, fans find a hidden message within the text that reads, “Only fans know.”

When all hope is lost, Han Solo returns!

16. The CEO Meets Hwayoung and Sister: The End?

The CEO meets with Hwayoung and sister Hyoyoung. (Hwayoung has come unannounced to say a final goodbye) They have a “deep talk.” Hwayoung wants to part ways and go solo. The CEO also states, “I told Hwayoung, that because the world is a very scary and cold place that before making a decision too emotionally, she should deliberate for a long time. Also, I told her that if she changes her mind that we could have a meeting later.”

The CEO also added, “They are just different lengths of a finger, all of them are like my children so I am sad and hurt that Hwayoung and T-ara are going through pain. No matter where they are, the members will help out Hwayoung.”

It looks as though things will be peaceful, or not? The saga continues…


Wait a minute…

Combine the last two things that the CEO Kim Kwang Soo has said about Hwayoung…

a) He seems to be offering a chance for her to come back

b) She is like one of his children!


“No. I am your father,” “It is your destiny,” “Join me and together we can rule the galaxy!”

I hope this was helpful and at least semi-entertaining. My geekiness couldn’t help but include this one clip. Remember to comment below folks!
Special thanks to adoptedkorean for the awesome main image!

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