Rain Writes Letter to Fans, R2B Actors, and Director

Rain wrote a letter for fans, the director of the film he appears in “R2B: Return to Base” (Hereafter, R2B) and the other actors in the film. The letter was revealed during an event to promote R2B on July 31.

He began with, “Since one year and 5 months ago, I remember spending those hot summer days at the air base and military air force academy. It only seemed like yesterday but I am so deeply moved that it has already been released.”

About the film “R2B” Rain stated, “Myself, all the actors, our director, and are staff made this film with our sweat. We tried our best so please enjoy the film with your family.”

Then Rain stated, “I would like to be there and talk about the film with all of you, but as you know I am currently in the midst of my military service, that is why I cannot be with you.”

To the director Kim Dong Won he stated, “When the film is released I will use my own money to watch the film.”

To Yoo Joon Sang he stated, “You are the trend! Trend… you must have made some money now, buy me food!”

To Kim Sung Soo he stated, “Sung Soo hyung! You said in an interview that I am not adjusting well to my military service. I am adjusting so well that I am considering staying here.”

To Shin Se Kyung he stated, “You are doing a lot of work, promoting the film without me. I am so sorry. I will buy you something delicious later.”

To Lee Ha Na he stated, “Our cute friend Ha Na. Are you still that serious? Stop being so serious. And I am not interested in you.”

To Lee Jong Suk he stated, “I think I like you.”

To Jung Suk Won he stated, “Whenever I see you, you are full of passion it is awesome. Maintain that passion!”

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