What do T-ara's Eunjung, 2PM's Nichkhun, and Super Junior's Kangin Have in Common?!

What do T-ara’s Eunjung, 2PM’s Nichkhun, Super Junior’s Kangin, and more have in common? Well, they’ve all starred (or currently stars) in popular MBC variety show “We Got Married (aka WGM),” not to mention the fact that they’ve also been under the spotlight for some  not-so-admirable actions. Following Eunjung’s latest controversy, many fans began seeing the link between all these stars and started questioning whether the show was jinxed. It’s pretty bizarre, cool, and freaky to call it coincidence, but then again, everyone makes mistakes and to turn all the blame to one show is pretty stupid. But then again, it’s fun to see how everything is linked, so have fun! Scroll through the list by clicking on the arrows at the bottom right hand corner of the black box!

2PM’s Nichkhun

WGM couple: f(x)”s Victoria & Nichkhun

Nichkhun was involved in a car accident in Gangnam. He had been under the influence of alcohol when he crashed into a motorcycle on his way to his dorm following a company dinner. His BAC measured at 0.056%, and his license has been suspended. Since then, Nichkhun has announced that he will skip out on the upcoming JYP Nation concerts and take some time off to reflect on his actions.

Super Junior’s Kangin

WGM Couple: Lee Yoon Ji & Kangin

Prior to his military enlistment, Kangin was swept up in an assault case in 2009. Kangin and his friends got into a fight with another party outside a bar, throwing punches and kicking each other. However, after reviewing CCTVs, the police revealed while all seven have been sentenced with acts of violence, Kangin’s involvement was one of self-defense.

SG Wannabe’s Kim Yong Joon

WGM couple: Hwang Jung Eum & Kim Yong Joon

Kim Yong Joon and Hwang Jung Eum attracted much attention when the real-life couple starred in the virtual marriage reality show. However, in January of 2011, Kim Yong Joon crossed the line, crashed into a SUV coming from the other side, and drove away. The singer was prosecuted for hit and run charges. During trial, he admitted to the charges and was sentenced to eight months of jail time, two years of probation, and 80 hours of community service.

Clazziquai’s Alex

WGM couple: Shin Ae & Alex

On July 18, Alex was booked for drunk driving. Alex was driving home after a casual social gathering when he was caught at a DUI checkpoint in Gangnam. His BAC measured 0.134%, and his license has been revoked.

Crown J

WGM couple: Seo In Young & Crown J

In 2011, Crown J was detained for allegedly assaulting his former manager and forcibly obtaining legal documents. Last December, Crown J was acquitted on charges of assault, but found guilty of forcing his ex-manager to sign a memo that indicated a transferral of a yacht worth 100 million won. The trial is now over, but the singer awaits he verdict from the Supreme Court.

T-ara’s Eunjung

WGM couple: Ham Eun Jung & Lee Jang Woo

Over the past week, Eunjung, as well as other T-ara members, received tremendous media attention for supposedly bullying fellow member Hwayoung. Every day, more and more people are uncovering new evidence about T-ara’s bullying, putting more spotlight on the group and Core Contents Media. Eunjung has already lost two endorsement deals, Daewoo Securities and National Police Agency, because of this controversy.

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