K-Pop Olympics!

Haha yes yes yes I know, how corny can we get. Combine the Olympics and K-Pop? (Variety shows are doing it!)

I’ve been spending my nights watching the Olympics, especially judo woot! I came to the realization that a lot of K-Pop dances involve some sort of motion that is reminiscent of Olympics sports! Of course, I couldn’t find a lot of cookie cutter examples but there were a few good ones.

So here it goes! Here is a list of idols that look like they are doing Olympic sports when they dance! (Also some sports where I think certain idols should compete. TEEHEE!)

1. Archery

I bet you saw this one coming. Girls’ Generation and their dance for “Hoot” caught a lot of attention because it had a 007 theme but the dance itself had them shooting arrows at you. HOTNESS!

Jump to 1:32

2. Judo 

I love watching Olympic Judo. It is the most exciting sport for me during the summer. Now there aren’t really any idols out there that have a Judo dance going on. However, a big component of Judo involves the fighters grabbing each others clothes.

Who does that better than 2PM? They frigging rip their shirts off at the end of a performance!

P.S congrats to the Korean Judo gold medalists Kim Jae Bum and Song Dae Nam!


Haha, really this is probably the first time that K-Pop has had somebody do a horse-riding dance. I’ve had a soft spot for PSY since he got famous with “Champion.” You have to see him at concerts though, the crowd goes wild and he is an awesome stage presence.

Anyways, it looks like PSY is getting a lot of attention for his MV of “Gangnam Style.” More power to him!

Watch the whole MV it’s so awesome!


I just wanted to say that I would love to see Suzy and Bora wrestle, mud wrestle, thumb wrestle, do sumo, or Korean wrestling. Whatever it takes!

Now if it were two men competing against each other I’d like to see Rain go up against 2AM Changmin, that would be pretty fun to watch!

5.Tae Kwon Do 

Haha 2PM’s Again and Again. This dance had the nickname “Tae Kwon Do” dance because when they are dancing to the first part of the chorus “Again and Again,” they push their fists forward.

Jump ahead to 13 seconds

The runner up is EXO’s Tao. Damn, this kid is good!

6. Soccer 

I’ll be honest and just admit it, the connection with K-Pop and soccer is weak in this article. Already there are established K-Pop soccer players such as JYJ.

So… for the purpose of this article I will say that Super Junior should compete in soccer because they have so many numbers. -_-

The runner up for soccer would be Girls’ Generation because of their kick dance. (Sigh)

7. Gymnastics

If there was a K-Pop Olympics gymnastics competition, hands down f(x) Victoria would win!

 8. Shooting

For shooting I was at a loss but it looks as though some idols actually used a “shooting dance.”

Teen Top and their “Shooting Dance” for “Don’t Wear Perfume.”

Jump ahead to 1:16 for Teen Top’s “Shooting Dance.”

The runner up is Rania and their performance for “Killer.”

Go to the end of the clip. 

 9. Synchronized Swimming

I don’t watch synchronized swimming much, but it seems to me that an important aspect are the legs. Hmm, who has the best legs? AFTER SCHOOL!

 10. Fencing 

If there was an idol fencing match I would like to see. (Or any match that involved sword-fighting) It would be a duel between EXO’s Tao and NU’EST’s Baekho.

The runner up is T-ara because of their sword fighting scenes in “Day by Day.” That is, if they could stop stabbing each other. (Drum clap)

11. Swimming 

Watching the clip below brings back memories, JYP’s dance for “She Was So Pretty,” involved a “freestyle motion” that was called the “Swimming Dance.” Haha who would have known that he would run such a big agency later!

Jump ahead to the 40 second mark

The runner up is GG and their brief swim-dance-motion for their performance of “I’m Cheating.”
Jump ahead to 43 seconds!

12. Running

Ahh athletics and running. The one to end this gallery article is your favorite idol G-Dragon! He had a “Running Dance” for his solo song “Heartbreaker.”

Jump ahead to 2:10

Well I hope you enjoyed the gallery! Remember to comment below! Also, remember to support your nation’s athletes if they are competing in the Olympics! WOOT WOOT!

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