Girls' Generation's Stage Outfits Throughout the Years

In celebration of Girls’ Generation’s recent fifth year anniversary, we decided to take a look back at all the stage outfits they’ve worn while promoting their  songs!

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Into the New World

For their debut single, “Into the New World,” Girls Generation wore sporty outfits with skirts, socks, and sneakers. The high socks and sneakers, along with the mostly white clothes, reflected their young and bright energy.

Girls’ Generation

For their first full album, “Girls Generation,” they showed a schoolgirl style with stripes, plaids, and checkered patterns. Each of the girls wore different clothes but complemented each other with similar colors schemes and matching knee-length socks.

Baby Baby

The girls emphasized their young, girly charms with pastel colored shirts and skirts. Their pastel palette created a soft and delicate image for Girls’ Generation, which was perfect for their age back then. Their costumes for “Baby Baby” is still one of the most wearable concepts made popular by idols. They also wore high socks to create a young school girl appeal.

Kissing You

Girls’ Generation melted hearts as they waved their lollipop in pastel-colored lacy tutu skirts and knitted cardigans for “Kissing You.” By now, over-the-knee socks have become one of Girls’ Generation’s signature accessories.


They started a nationwide trend with their outfits for “Gee,” matching simple tees with colorful skinny jeans. They kept their look simple, light, and fresh by avoiding accessories.

Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

For “Tell Me Your Wish (aka Genie),” Girls’ Generation sported the “marine concept,” turning heads with their short shorts that displayed their beautiful legs.


Girls’ Generation dressed up as cheerleaders for “Oh!”  They went back to their sporty concept, wearing shorts, jersey tops, and letterman jackets. They went back and forth between high socks and over-the-knee boots to highlight their slim legs.

Show Show Show

For “Show Show Show,” the girls wore striped shirts, sparkly black shorts, long black socks, and black heels. They drew attention with their bushy hairstyles and trendy hair accessories.

Run Devil Run

With “Run Devil Run,” the girls opted for sleek and sexy, wearing either tight black or white outfits with minimal designs.


Girls’ Generation went for the retro/secret agent theme for “Hoot.” They had two signature outfits for “Hoot,” one of which they released through their teaser stills. Each member wore different colors and designs that reflected personality. They united the various looks with their over-the-knee boots. “Hoot’s” second signature outfit was their identical short blue bodysuit.

The Boys

For “The Boys,” each member had a unique outfit. Their clothes were different from their previous ones and reflected a more mature, sophisticated style. The girls looked sexy and confident in the structured blazers that accentuated their feminine lines.

Mr. Taxi

While they wore black and yellow suits in Japan, the girls performed in sexy leather outfits in Korea.  Though similar in style, each outfit was personalized to accentuate each member’s strengths.


Girls Generation donned tuxedo-inspired outfits for their latest Japanese single “Paparazzi.” They also wore pink elbow-length gloves, which emphasized their arm movements during their complex choreography and added color to their black-and-white look. Their long tuxedo top flared out into a feminine A-line, and their black shorts drew attention to their long legs.

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