SISTAR's Soyu Injures Boom During Show Recording

Entertainer Boom has taken an injury to his forehead because of SISTAR‘s Soyu.

On July 31, filming for the first episode of MBC Music‘s “All The K-Pop” took place. Boom was hosting the show when guest star Soyu accidentally threw a magnet at him, which caused him to bleed.

There is a corner in the show called “Deciding the Idol Hierarchy,” where idol guest stars have to stand back and throw a magnet on a board that lists the hierarchies of the idol groups. On this day, Soyu threw her magnet but accidentally hit MC Boom.

The magnet hit Boom’s forehead directly and Boom immediately started to bleed. The staff members were surprised due to this unexpected situation.

Boom humorously said, “If the magnet came at me a little lower, I would’ve had to redo my precious nose,” and “I cannot place my nose in the hands of surgery again.” Boom continued to say, “There is a saying that if you shed blood or see a ghost during your first recording, that program will be a big hit. So thanks to Soyu, I think our show will be a big hit.”

The staff members also commented, “Soyu and the other SISTAR members went to take care of Boom’s wound and all throughout the recording, they kept apologizing over and over again.”

Meanwhile, “All The K-Pop” is hosted by Boom, Park Jae Min and MBLAQ‘s Mir. It is a mix of a countdown and talk show, listing the various K-Pop issues and events from the early 1990s to the current times.

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