Mnet M! Countdown – August 9, 2012

BEAST won Song of the week for the second week tonight, beating both BoA and PSY with their new song “Beautiful Night”! Super Junior unveiled their new song “SPY”, Eru and Supernova had their comebacks and hot debuts from groups Tasty, Jevice and AOA.

Performances tonight included: D-Unit, Mario, C-Clown, Tasty, Eru, Jevice, N-Train, Glam, AOA, Supernova, Bigstar, Skull & HaHa, Jang Jae In, ZE:A, B.A.P, Super Junior and B2ST.

Song of the week

BEAST “Beautiful Night”

Super Junior “SPY”

Skull & HaHa “Busan Vacance”


AOA “Elvis”

SUPERNOVA “She’s Gone”

Glam “Party (XXO)”

N-Train “I’ll forget you”

Jevice “I’ll Love” feat. Yura from Girl’s Day

Eru “Hate” feat. Junhyung from B2ST

Tasty “Spectrum” and “You know me”

AOA and SUPERNOVA backstage

C-Clown “Solo”

Mario “Mayday”

D-Unit “I’m missing you”

Super Junior and Tasty backstage

20 – 11 by B.A.P

 video credit: simhy2 @ yt
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