[Exclusive] VIXX Makes US Debut at Otakon: Concert, Q&A, Autograph Session!

Last month, Soompi had the privilege of documenting rookie boy group VIXX‘s time at annual Asian Pop convention Otakon in Baltimore, Maryland! The boys participated in a Q&A and autograph session with their US fans, and even performed on stage as Otakon’s Friday musical act. Be sure to check out Soompi’s coverage of VIXX’s activities at Otakon below, and, if you haven’t already, Soompi’s exclusive interview with VIXX!

(From left to right): RaviLeoHongbin and N striking a pose during VIXX’s US debut stage at Otakon

Having released their debut single “Super Hero” just two months prior to Otakon, VIXX members claimed to be both nervous and excited about standing on an US stage so soon after their Korean debut. Boasting a membership count of over 32,000 this year alone, Otakon remains one of the largest Asian pop culture conventions in the US and has, in the past, invited famed Japanese musical guests such as X JAPAN and Chemistry to perform.  The extension of an invitation for VIXX to perform at Otakon, a traditionally anime-focused convention, is further proof of the widening influence of the Hallyu Wave in the U.S.

Member Hyuk completes the group formation during “Super Hero”

(From left to right): Leader N and member Leo waving to the crowd

On Friday night, the first day of the three-day convention, hundreds of fans filed into the auditorium at the Baltimore Convention Center where Otakon was held in order to attend the scheduled VIXX concert. After an opening by Japanese recording artist Mikako Joho and a video introduction of each member of VIXX along with their first single “Super Hero,” the five members appeared on stage and performed “Starlight,” the second song on their first single album.

Ravi leads the group formation in his rap solo

Despite not having a long set list of original songs to perform, VIXX did a fantastic job of entertaining the crowd by  combining their harmonic voices to cover Boyz II Men’s “I’ll Make a Love to You” and Gareth Gates’ “Anyone of Us.” The ballads were soon followed by an intense dance-off between members Ravi and N, whose dance moves shook up the building, arousing more excitement from the audience.

(From left to right): Leo, Hyuk, and N performing VIXX’s debut single “Super Hero”

The screams from the fans became louder and louder as the opening bars of “Super Hero” blasted through the speakers, and the other VIXX members joined N and Ravi on stage to perform their hit debut single with fans chanting and singing along to the lyrics. The song seemed all too short, and soon the end of the song greeted the fans. The members thanked the fans and bid the fans farewell as they exited the stage, but soon came back on stage in order to perform an encore of “Super Hero,” this time with more fanservice and personal interaction.

VIXX happily greeting all of their US fans at the autograph session

The concert was soon followed by an autograph session held by the members, who vowed to not leave the venue until signing everyone that had been in line. VIXX greeted each fan one by one, accepting fan gifts and complying to any and every fan request. The signing completed a few hours later, and the members left to finally get some rest, in order to prepare for the question and answer session on the second day.

(From left to right): Ravi, Leo, and Ken signing autographs for fans

Hongbin showing us his aegyo

Hyuk waiting for the next fan in line

Fans lined up hours in advance in hopes of getting good seating to the Q&A session, and the members did not disappoint in the amounts of fanservice and fan interactions. Through the Q&A, we learned that leader N sleep talks, even answering questions in his sleep, maknae Hyuk would like to cosplay as Sasuke from Naruto, all of the members like the color black, except for Hongbin, who likes navy, the members were initially afraid of Leo, but now think of him as a fatherly figure, and their description of their close friendship as a team in English: “We’re so tight. Very tight. All members tight. Pretty nice group. Best team.”

VIXX at the Q&A session

Of course, the Q&A session could not end without the members each showing off their aegyo (mostly involving the peace sign and bunny ears), with the exception of Leo, who just put his head down when it was his turn (Ravi claimed: “That is his aegyo!”). The members ended the Q&A session by having an impromptu performance of “Super Hero,” and the members soon retreated to the backstage, signifying the official end to their activities at Otakon.

Leader N preparing to answer a question

VIXX greeting fans at the Q&A Session

VIXX recently made a comeback with their second single MV “Rock Ur Body” on August 14th. For more information about Otakon, please visit their official website here. Meanwhile, be sure to check out Soompi’s exclusive interview with VIXX if you haven’t already!

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