Happy 24th Birthday G-Dragon! Take a Look at GD's 24 Cutest Moments of All Time

Sure he’s the talented and charismatic leader of Big Bang with a daring taste in fashion…but did you know that G-Dragon ( Kwon Ji Young) has an ah~dorable side to him that will make you squeal awwwwwwww~? With only a couple more hours until his 24th birthday, we decided to compile a gallery of GD’s 24 cutest moments! Have fun~ Oh, and happy early birthday Kwon Ji Young~

Baby GD rocks his denim on denim.

G-Dragon hugs a giant teddy bear.

GD sucks(?) his thumb while falling asleep sitting down.

G-Dragon shows off his huge (?) eyes.

G-Dragon plays with a self-cam while backstage at the “M!Countdown”

Kwon Ji Yong and Kaho fall asleep together

GD does his best cute and girly impression of Ha Ji Won for Big Bang’s parody of “Secret Garden”

Baby G-Dragon looks adorable in his traditional Korean clothes.

Kwon Ji Yong holds his ice cream like a microphone during a CF shoot

G-Dragon looks happy-go-lucky in a yellow smiley shirt and neon green background.

GD dresses up in a full-body mouse suit during one of Big Bang’s performances.

Kwon Ji Young holds Kaho like a baby in his arms.

G-Dragon flashes a big V-sign and a big smile.

GD entertains both his himself and his fans with a funny pose.

G-Dragon has a peek-a-boo moment.

G-Dragon acts surprised.

Kwon Ji Yong displays his aegyo for the camera.

GD cries on 2NE1’s CL’s shoulder.

Baby Ji Young gets a tan.

G-Dragon pouts (?) for the camera.

GD smiles widely with his eyes closed.

G-Dragon picks his nose with his victory sign.

Kwon Ji Young proves that he can be as cute  – if not cuter – than a puppy.

GD delights fans with a cute pose during one of his performances.

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