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Following the issue with T-ara‘s member Hwayoung supposedly being bullied by the members and the speculation that followed with alleged testimonies and video captures,  elementary students came up with “T-ara’s Bully Game,” where they choose a target to bully among fellow students. This “game” has been popular among students and is further spreading.

A shocking post was made today on an online community board relating to a story that happened to one student. The original poster of the thread is supposedly a 24 years old college student who found out about it. She wrote, “My niece and her friends know about the T-ara scandal and have been closely following it. They made a game out of it.”

She continued, “I was visiting my older sister and my niece, a 3 year elementary student was there, immersed in a kakaotalk chat. I asked my sister why she gave her daughter, an elementary student a smartphone. She said that if she gets good grades she could have it. I was curious as to what she was doing and took the phone out of her hands to see. I was shocked.”

Katalk content :

“-  Since you’re the outcast, you have to do as we say.”
“- Hey, are you crazy? You’re not going to answer? Do you want to die?”
“- Hey, you’re carrying my bag tomorrow.”

The college student then asked her niece, “Song Ah, what is this? What do you think you’re doing?” The niece then replied, “We’re playing the T-ara Bully Game right now and (friend’s name) is the outcast.”

She asked, “T-ara’s Bully Game? What is this about?” “Yes, we choose one member as the outcast and we bully her like T-ara did to Hwayoung.” “Why do you do that?” “Because it’s fun.” “But what if you end up being the outcast and get bullied instead?” “If I’m the one chosen as the bully, I’m okay with it.” “But it’s not nice to do that between friensd, why would you?” “It’s just a game you know. Auntie, can you give me the phone back, I need to talk.”

She added, “I was worried about all of this, so I took the phone from her again and made her sit before me. I asked “Song Ah, who started this game?” “…” “You’re not going to tell me?” “…” “Alright, so are you ok with me telling mom about this?” “No.” “Then answer me first. Who taught you that game?” “No one, we just did as T-ara did to Hwayoung.” “And?Do you think you should be doing that?” “…” “Song Ah, what if you become the one to bully next? If I see you play this again, Auntie will really get angry with you.” “I hate you Auntie! I love second Auntie (my younger sister) better!”

The writer then wrote, “After that I went to talk to my sister about this. When she heard the whole story she went into Song Ah’s room. To be honest children are influenced by what idols do nowasdays and it proves that what happened to T-ara projected a bad influence on them. I feel sorry and ashamed that such thing happened to my niece. I’m afraid to see where this will lead so I needed to talk about it for it to stop.”

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