miss A's Suzy:

Suzy of miss A let out a surprise confession. She said that she has a phobia of variety shows. This was revealed through an interview with the acting idol for her feature in @star1 Magazine.

“Variety shows are the hardest to do for me,” she said. “I still had not caught the sense of doing it. To the world, it seems to be the easiest thing to do but it takes a lot of artistry and skill that entertainers endure to come out great.” Her statement was also an indirect admission on the challenges she overcomes when it comes to performing arts.

Suzy continued on to say, “There is a side of me that does not really talk a lot, but in variety shows, I have to come out and be more animated.”

She also paid compliments to her fellow cast members on “Invincible Youth 2.” She said, “I’m learning how to be an entertainer from the members of ‘Invincible Youth 2.’ Since there are also members of the same age, like Kara’s Kang Ji Young, I’m learning to be more open.”

Suzy’s interview accompanies a shoot for @star1 Magazine.

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