1st Generation K-Pop Idols: Then and Now

They might be more known for their drama, variety TV, and/or solo activities now, but you’ll be surprised to see just how many of today’s top stars were once idols like Girls’ Generation and Big Bang.

Check out how these celebrities have changed over the years by clicking on the arrows at the bottom right hand corner of the black box.

S.E.S.’s Eugene 

Currently more known for her MC role in “Get It Beauty,” as well as roles in dramas like “Baker King Kim Tak Goo,” “Creating Destiny,” and more.

Sechskies’s Eun Ji Won

Currently more known for his Eun Choding character in “1 Night 2 Days,” as well as tvN drama “Answer Me 1997.” 

H.O.T.’s Kangta

Currently more known as a solo artist/producer in SM Entertainment, as well as his role as judge in “The Voice of Korea.” 

Fin.K.L’s Hyori

Currently more known for her solo activities and SBS music program “You & I.” 

Shinwa’s Eric

Currently more known for his acting roles in dramas like “Spy Myung Wol, “Strongest Chil Woo,” Que Sera Sera,” and more, as well as his recent comeback with Shinhwa. 

g.o.d.’s Kim Tae Woo

Currently more known for his solo activities and drama OSTs.

Seo Taiji & The Boys’ Yang Hyun Suk

Currently more known as the CEO of YG Entertainment and judge of popular music survival program “K-Pop Star.” 

Turbo’s Kim Jong Kook

Currently more known for his participation in variety show “Running Man.” 

Baby V.O.X.’s Yoon Eun Hye

Currently more known for her roles in dramas like “Lie to Me,” “Coffee Prince,” “Palace (aka Princess Hours)” and more. 

Koyote’s Kim Jong Min

Currently more known for his role in “1 Night 2 Days” and “Music & Lyrics.” 

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