Lee Hyori Tells BoA to Date Often

Lee Hyori advised BoA to date many times. “Don’t worry about others and just meet guys as often as you want.”

Singer BoA appeared on the SBS music program “Jung Jae Hyung and Lee Hyori’s You and I” on August 27. She truthfully talked about her new album’s title song “Only One” and her dating life.

On this day, BoA said, “It looks like Hyori unni has a stable dating life. Aren’t you having a good time with your boyfriend (Lee Sang Soon). I wonder if people really change their ideal type as they get older.”

Lee Hyori explained, “Rather than changing ideal types, you become more sure who you want to meet as you get older. I’m slowly learning what kind of person is most compatible with me. The problem is that I get that feeling too often.” BoA responded, “Although you talk like this, the Hyori unni I know is really feminine, attentive and passionate. You’re a triple blood A type.”

MC Jung Jae Hyung asks Lee Hyori if there’s any warning she’d like to give to the 27 year old BoA. Hyori replied, “There’s no need for warning because she’s doing a great job. If you really want to date, it would be good not to worry about other people’s opinions.” BoA confessed, “Because I’m a celebrity, people might think that I just date around if I do date often. And I might get hurt by the person I date.”

Lee Hyori advised, “It’s because of that kind of thinking that you can become trapped. You have to let go of those constraints to be able to meet guys comfortably. If you think he’s not the one, then it’s ok to break it off coolly. Don’t think there’s ‘only one.’ There are too many ‘only one’’s in this world. It might seem like he’s the only person in the world at the time, but afterwards you realize that it’s not true.”

BoA is currently promoting her latest album’s title track “Only One.”

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