Top 5 U.S. Media Coverage of PSY’s “Gangnam Style”

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” has swept the world as one of the most sensational music videos ever to be produced in K-Pop history. In a little over a month since its release, “Gangnam Style” has amassed over 60 million views on YouTube, not to mention countless press coverage from U.S. media.

In this article, we’d like to go over 5 of the best, if not most surprising, U.S. media coverage of PSY’s “Gangnam Style.” Take it as our sign of respect to PSY for creating a truly unprecedented global phenomenon – and for bringing K-Pop a step closer to the global audience!

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Gawker: “Did This Underground Hip Hop Artist from South Korea Just Release the Best Music Video of the Year?”

This July 30 article by Gawker was a bit of a surprise, and totally unexpected, as it just named “Gangnam Style” the best music video of the year – before all the media hoopla and publicity that followed. This article was perhaps the start of all the global attention that ensued but no one knew it would get THIS big.

(Read the article here!)

CNN: “Rapper Living ‘Gangnam Style’ Goes Viral”

In an unprecedented turn of events, PSY’s “Gangnam Style” suddenly got mentioned by a number of Western musicians, including T-Pain, Josh Groban, and Robbie Williams. It was enough to grab CNN’s attention and “Gangnam Style” was played on CNN International. Shannon Cook, CNN’s New York correspondent, said, “It’s the video to watch. I have admit I watched it over 15 times.”

(Watch the video here!)

The Atlantic: “Gangnam Style Dissected: The Subversive Message Within South Korea’s Music Video Sensation”

While most of the U.S. media coverage focused on the video’s visuals and PSY’s career, this in-depth article by The Atlantic gave a pretty good interpretation on what the lyrics of the song means. It’s a very well-written piece that explains the social and cultural implications associated with PSY lyrics, and it should help you understand the song better.

(Read full article here!)

ABC News: “South Korean Rapper PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ Goes Viral”

PSY sat down for an interview with ABC News on August 14. He explained what “Gangnam” means and gave some instructions on how to do the “horse-riding dance,” but his most lasting comment came at the end: “I don’t want to open up the champagne yet. But I would like to show the world what Korean music and concerts are about.”

(Watch the interview here!)

Wall Street Journal: “5 Must-See ‘Gangnam Style’ Response Videos”

The Wall Street Journal put together 5 of the best “Gangnam Style”-inspired videos from around the web in this article published on August 22. It has some funny and interesting videos, so make sure you check out the list!

(See the complete list here!)

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