KARA: Comeback...to Trouble

Just a week into their long-awaited Korean comeback, KARA is facing several controversial issues, disappointing netizens and fans alike. Surprisingly – or maybe not so, KARA has had several crises over their five year career.  Scroll through the gallery to take a look at KARA’s recent troubles, as well as their past controversial issues!

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KARA’s cowardly silence

On August 22, KARA began their activities with a showcase for their new fifth mini-album “Pandora” at the Walkerhill Hotel. During the press conference prior to the showcase, the girls were asked a question regarding Korea’s Dokdo Island. A reporter questioned, “If you received a question about Dokdo in Japan, what position would you take?” However, MC Park Ji Yoon quickly dismissed the question while all five girls remained silent. Many Koreans expressed their disappointment in the group, commenting that they failed to stand up for Korea and the truth in order retain their popularity in Japan.

KARA’s lingerie fashion

DSP Media released the music video for “Pandora” on August 22, and many fans were surprised to see a much more mature and feminine KARA. The girls were seen in a sexy optical illusion bodysuit. The outfits were short and tight, while the nude linings made their outfits comparable to lingerie.

KARA’s copycat fashion

In contrast with their sexy image from “Pandora,” the girls looked sweet and lovely in a yellow one-shoulder dress for “Miss U” during a performance at SBS’s “Inkigayo.” However, a post comparing KARA’s stage outfit for “Miss U” to a swimsuit from luxury label GUCCI’s swimsuit collection attracted tremendous attention online earlier today. The dress and swimwear looked almost identical, with the exception of a flared skirt and the location of the ribbon strap. As such, netizens began questioning the girls and the agency’s morals and values. One of the comments included, “As artists themselves, how could they shamelessly copy someone else’s work? It’s funny how these ‘artists’ file lawsuits when people illegally download their music. Same principals apply. Don’t steal other people’s work – design or music.”

KARA’s immature nonchalance

KARA was in hot water when a photo that captured their vehicles parked in handicapped parking spots at a rest stop was uploaded to several online communities. Sure the girls didn’t physically park their vans in the reserved area; however, they should have had enough common sense to voice their opinions to their managers. According to those who saw KARA at the rest stop, the girls appeared very carefree and negligent at the matter. A witness revealed, “Goo Hara and the others were busy eating a hotdog and going to the restroom. They appeared very nonchalant.”

Unfortunately, KARA is no stranger to controversy.

Continue down the list to see some of KARA’s controversial moments since their debut!

KARA was severely criticized when Goo Hara and Kang Ji Young was seen sporting t-shirts with profanity. The photo had been posted on KARA’s online shopping mall. Netizens were bewildered that the girls wore such tees and that the shirt was available for purchase.

Plagiarism controversy began even before “Lupin” was released. After the teaser was unveiled, many commented that the song sounded similar to Jelena Karleusa’sInsomnia.” The plagiarism allegations turned out to be false much to fans’ relief.

Three of KARA’s members filed a lawsuit against their agency DSP Media over contract disputes. While it appeared that the group was in danger of losing Han Seungyeon, Kang Jiyoung, and Nicole, they were able to reach a compromise.

KARA’s “Step” stirred plagiarism rumors once more with its similar melody to Joan Osbourne’sOne of Us.” Again, the plagiarism allegations turned out to be false.

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