[Ceci] Star Meets Star Maker: Narsha's Rock & Soul

Star and star maker who look like they’re made for each other have the chance to collaborate together through “Ceci.” A gal who knows how to utilize her freedom and sexiness, Brown Eyed Girl’s Narsha teams up with make up artist, Kang Mi, from Soon Su.

Kang Mi: “Even though Narsha exudes free energy, I tried to have her in a sexy rock festival look. We tried to recreate her eyes from her “Abracadabra” days and brought back gradation lips from her “Sign” days, a period where I have fond memories. We discuss about make up like this and have fun creating new make ups.”

Star’s Tip

“Put some foundation on latex and gently place it on your lips. That’s how you naturally bridge your skin and lip color. You can add tint to the inner parts of the lips for a sexy touch.”

Star Maker’s Tip

“Narsha’s eyes are very gentle. Narsha is reborn through various make ups. Mainly focus on the eyes and rarely uses blush. Who knew that a person with her eyes could be so fitting with cats eye make up.”

Star Maker’s Best Look
10/2009 Brown Eyed Girl’s Sound-G. ‘Sign’

Star Maker, Kang Mi: “The main focuses for this look is the eyeliner, it’s shape on the edge of the eyes, and tint. While we were trying to make the look, Narsha suggested that we just accent the eyes. We drew a simple, but effective eyeline shape. But it’s rough cut hair that gave it its finishing touches. It’s boyish, but it’s also has feminine charms. I like it because it best represents Narsha.”

Star, Narsha: “The look during “Sign” was a great collaboration. I suggested that we should try to match the haircut with the make up. Although it was a wig, it wasn’t cut elaborately. It was made to appear more rough. After we finished, we realized how great the hair worked with the make up.”

Star’s Best Look
7/2009 Brown Eyed Girls Sound-G. ‘Abracadabra’

Star Maker, Kang Mi: “Orange colored lips and eyeliner also on the bottom part of the eyes were points during this promotion. The hairstyle is very unique, which will have a long-lasting impression. Because one side of the face was covered, Narsha wore eye make up only on one eye. It saved us half the time, but I was worried that the wig might reveal the eye with no-make up when Narsha performed on stage.”

Star, Narsha: “My image prior to this promotion was bright and cute. We challenged ourselves with a new image for ‘Abracadabra.’ We were worried about the bold hair and make up, but the responses were so great it was really memorable.”


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