T-ara Finally Speaks Up About Controversy and Issues Apology in Handwritten Letter

The girls of T-ara, who have been going through about a month of great hardships because of the bullying controversy, have finally decided to talk about this issue. They posted a handwritten letter on their official homepage and issued their heartfelt apologies, calling their actions “immature” and that they will be deeply reflecting upon their actions.

Here is the translation of the entire letter:

We are writing this letter after a long period of thinking.

The past month has felt longer than our pre-debut trainee years or the years that we spent receiving love from our fans.

First, we would like to sincerely apologize for hurting and disappointing so many people.

Not being able to solve the issue of the difference of our members’ will amongst ourselves and making our personal problems viewable to the public was a very immature thing to do and we are deeply reflecting upon our actions. We sincerely apologize for acting so carelessly.

If we would’ve understood, sacrificed and acted more maturely toward each other, none of this would have ever happened. At the thought of this, each and every day was so torturous to us.

When we look back, we know that everyone carried the same dream going forward and we tried to overcome hardships together. But in just one momentary action, those good times were shone with a negative light and it really pained our hearts.

We also think that it must have been so hard for Hwayoung, who was suffering because of the misunderstandings people had about her being bullied.

We were all so shocked at all of this because no one wanted it and no one even thought of this happening. And now, we are truly saddened that we cannot be together [with Hwayoung] anymore. We only hope that nothing hurtful will happen to Hwayoung from now on.

To all the people who were worried because of us, to all the disappointed people who loved our music – we are truly sorry.

We believe that this hard time was truly a big lesson for all of our members. Since we need to be ones to give strength to others, we realize how much of a responsibility we have and how we must take responsibility over every single thing we do.

From now on, to our parents who live for us, to all the fans who stayed with us till the end, to all the people who listen to our music… and to all of those who we’ve worried and disappointed – instead of breaking down, we would like to work even harder by asking for forgiveness.

We genuinely apologize. We also hope that you will give generous support and love to Hwayoung, who probably had it harder than us. We will always be supporting Hwayoung as well.

Previously, Hwayoung tweeted about her sadness over Eunjung being kicked off of the upcoming “Five Fingers” drama. She also denied the bullying rumors herself.

T-ara has announced that they will be making a come back on September 7.

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