Can Seo In Gook and A-Pink's Jung Eun Ji Get Together, Already?

Photographs of tvN summer drama “Answer Me 1997” co-stars Seo In Gook and A-Pink’s Jung Eun Ji at the recording studio recording a duet single for the show have been released.

You can watch the music video for “Love Story Part 1: All For You on Soompi!

The drama “Answer Me 1997” follows the loves, happinesses, tragedies, and comic antics of six friends in their last year of high school.  The drama has a unique narrative style of centering the story on the present-day reunion of the six friends and showing how they came to be the adults that they are through flashbacks to their high school selves.

A-Pink group member Jung Eun Ji plays the role of Sung Si Won who is a fanatic H.O.T. fan.  She is known as “An Seung Buin” (Tony An’s real name is An Seung Ho; his fans were called “An Seung Buin” which translates in English to An Seung Wife),and though her greatest happiness would be being his wife, as she tells her childhood friend Yoon Yoon Jae, even if he asked her to marry him, she would refuse because he deserves a better woman.

Seo In Gook plays the role of Yoon Yoon Jae who is the handsomely brooding, silently-crushing on Sung Si Won, boy-next-door.  He is the number one student at their high school, and his teachers, family, and friends have high hopes of him going to Seoul National University.  He and Si Won grew up together and know almost everything there is to know of each other.  There’s just one little thing that Si Won doesn’t seem to know.

While viewers were still waiting to find out who ended up with who, and were specifically interested in whether Sung Si Won and Yoon Yoon Jae ended up together in the end, viewers also talked about the palpable chemistry between Seo In Gook and Jung Eun Ji.  Apparently, Seo In Gook confessed to developing feelings for Jung Eun Ji while being teased by fellow co-star Eun Ji Won.  But, upon being put on the spot, to the laughter of everyone listening,  Jung Eun Ji answered no to questions about whether she had feelings for Seo In Gook and if he was her ideal type.

Netizens who viewed the photographs responded: “The two of you really match,” “You two really seem like a couple.”

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