[Soompi Shop] GLAM Special Autographed Package!

If you’re a GLAM fan, you’re in luck!

Soompi Shop has put out a great special package featuring girl group GLAM! For only $10.99, you can get an autographed album, 5 individual photos of the girls, 1 felt bag with a Glam logo, 1 fan with a Glam logo, as well as 5 pens in a single plastic box with the girls’ logo! All this for only $10.99. To clarify, the album will be signed by all five members but will not be personalized!

If you aren’t too familiar with the group, GLAM is a five member girl group from Big Hit Entertainment. The girls released their debut track “Party (XXO)” earlier this year. Several of the members have are also well-known outside the group. Maknae Miso made a splash on “Birth of a Great Star” and was also featured on labelmate Jo Kwon’sHeaven.” Oldest member Zinni is an accomplished breakdancer, and Dahee was known for her activities with Vocaloid.

This package will only be offered for seven days, from September 3 to September 10. There are only 100 copies, so get your order in fast!

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