Bridal Mask” star Park Ki Woong, who plays Kimura Shunji, could not control his touched feelings in the midst of acting with co-star Joo Won, who plays Bridal Mask/Lee Kang To, and hot tears splashed down his face.

On August 30, a series of behind the scenes photographs with the title “Who is the third-generation Bridal Mask that appeared in the torture chamber?” was publicized on the official website of KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Bridal Mask.”

The relevant images are from a scene in the August 29th aired twenty-fifth episode of drama “Bridal Mask.”  In that scene, Bridal Mask/Lee Kang To had been captured and unmasked by Kimura Shunji, and confesses that there was no one else who could be Bridal Mask but himself.

Lee Kang To, with tears welling up in his eyes, cried out: “My brother, my idiot brother Kang San.  That Bridal Mask, who I wanted to catch, to the point of insanity, was my brother.  With the intention to catch Bridal Mask, I used a gun to shoot my brother dead.  Without knowing that that my brother Kang San had come to avenge our mother’s death, that the person who killed my mother was Kenji, I took Kenji’s side and fought.  I killed my brother.”

The once close-friend of Lee Kang To, Kimura Shunji, holding back his tears with difficulty in this now horrendous reality, asked “Is that so?”

Lee Kang To answers: “It was because of my brother.  Because of my brother, I had to wear that mask.”

Even though in this scene actor Park Ki Woong was not supposed to shed tears, tears suddenly spilled down his face from a surge of emotion and he had to break for a moment.  Park Ki Woong apologized and assured staff that he wouldn’t let it happen again.

Shooting recommenced, and Joo Won continued: “Kimura Shunji.  For catching me, thank you.  Now that I’ve been caught, at least I won’t have to kill you by my hand.”  At this point, Park Ki Woong was to show himself controlling his rage and emotions, and leave the room. 

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