JYJ Junsu Makes a Guest Appearance in Fiestar’s Debut Music Video “Vista”

New girl group Fiestar released debut single “Vista” on August 31. “Vista” means “a pleasing view” or “a mental view of succession of remembered events.” The song is written by songwriter KZ and lyricist Kim Ee Nah and is of hybrid dance genre, expressing dynamic and lively nature of Fiestar. The song has fancy and yet unique sound that resembles a soundtrack from a musical theatre production, and the lyrics express all members’ anticipation and thrill in achieving their dreams.

Also included in this debut single are “Wicked” featuring with Korean hip hop legend Tiger JK and Fiestar’s own version of “Moonlight Ocean,” which was previously revealed online with IU as a featuring artist. The music video of “Vista,” which was released along with the song, is also drawing attention. Director Hwang Soo Ah was in charge of the music video and she successfully created a unique SF atmosphere in the video. The music video narrates Fiestar’s dreams in becoming a superstar. JYJ‘s Junsu made a special guest appearance as Superman, the most popular superhero. 

Fiestar’s agency Loen Entertainment announced, “Fiestar is finally making their debut. They are different from anything else you’ve seen in terms of music, performance, and talent. Please join us for this fiesta that Fiestar is bringing onto the stages.” Fiestar will make their official TV debut on September 1 at MBC “Music Core.”