Kara’s Gyuri Lost 6 Kilograms For Comeback + Would Film An Adult Movie

Kara‘s Gyuri showed confidence in her body.

On the most recent episode of MBC TV’s “Quiz To Change the World” that was aired on the evening of September 1, Kara’s Gyuri was asked if she would film an adult movie if she were offered a role.

To this Gyuri answered honestly, “I think it’s important to keep a record (of my body) when I’m the prettiest. If the plot of the movie is okay, I’m alright with exposing my body.”

When the follow-up question of whether or not if she was confident with her body, Gyuri replied, “It’s not bad. I lost six kilograms as I prepared for our comeback. If my previous image was that glamour, now I’m a bit curvier and prettier,” and showed confidence.