4minute’s Gayoon Suspected Of Having Plastic Surgery?

4minute‘s Gayooon has been garnering attention with what seems to be her new pointy v-line chin.

Gayoon attended the fashion brand “Oz” Second Launching 15th Anniversary Exhibition at the Beyond Museum at Seoul Gangnam on August 30 with her fellow 4minute member, HyunA. She wore a fancy flower-print jacket and was showered with many camera flashes.

However, the reason Gayoon was the center of attention was not because of her fashion, but her seemingly pointier chin. Even though we are in a time where people prefer v-line chins, Gayoon’s seemed to be close to being just pointy.

Also, Gayoon’s chin looks unfamiliar, as it seems to have appeared out of nowhere. Even if you compare her to a recent photo, her chin is noticeably  sharper. The change is all the more noticeable because Gayoon had had the cute image of having a round face with prominent features.