New Albums And Singles Preview 2012 - September Week 1

FIESTAR Debut Single – Vista (September 4)


01. Vista

02. Wicked (Feat. Tiger JK)

03. Moonlight Sea (Fiestar Ver.)

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LOEN Entertainment’s rookie girl group FIESTAR has finally debuted. FIESTAR has already garnered much attention from K-Pop fans since LOEN Entertainment houses some of the most successful artists such as IU and Sunny Hill. The name FIESTAR comes from the combination of “fiesta” and “star,” which implies that the group will always strive to be K-Pop stars who are fun, energetic and know how to have fun. FIESTAR’s title track “Vista” is written by LOEN Entertainment’s top composer KZ, who has written past hits for Lee Hyori, Brown Eyed Girls and Sunny Hill. “Vista” is a fun dance track, filled with tons of energetic beats and unique sounds.

UV 2nd mini-album – The Artist (September 5)


01. Dogs Or Cows (Intro)

02. I Want To Live With Her (Feat. Yoon Do Hyun of YB)

03. I Am A Solider (Sampling From “Inside The Enlistment Train”)

04. You Like It?

05. Itaewon Freedom (Feat. JYP) Remix

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UV has made their come back after 2 long years since the release of their first mini-album. The album consists of a variety of genres. The title song, “I Want To Live With Her” is a euro dance/rock track while “You Like It?” contains the trendy dub step and electronic beats. UV has always emphasized their passion for old-school hip-hop and their new album contains plenty of 80s-90s influences.

4minute (single) – Shinsadong Tiger’s Project Album: Super Market (released)


01. Over And Over (R.Tee Mix)

02. Over And Over (Original Mix)

The hit producer Shinsadong Tiger releases a new project album titled “Super Market” featuring 4minute. Since super markets offer the pleasure of having a variety of different choices for the consumers, Shinsadong Tiger wanted to create an album with a variety of music genres for music lovers everywhere. “Over And Over” is a break-up song that many people can relate to. The album offers two mixes, the R.Tee mix, which is more of a progressive house mix, and the original mix, which consists of guitar and synthesizer sounds.

U-KISS (single) – Cinderella (released)


01. Cinderella

U-KISS has released a new single, “Cinderella,” which is a minor-chord dance track. Though it has strong beats, the track also consists of soft string and analog synthesizer sounds. The track is about a man who wishes he could get over his past lover but has a hard time doing so.

Girl’s Day (single) – Blue Rain 2012: The S Part 2 (released)


01. Blue Rain 2012

02. Blue Rain 2012 (Inst.)

One of the hottest current female idol groups Girl’s Day has remade an old-school hit by one of the hottest past female idol groups, FIN.K.L. “Blue Rain” was FIN.K.L’s debut track and has been a major stepping stone to their great success. “Blue Rain 2012” by Girl’s Day keeps the young and emotional feelings of the original song but adds a modern touch to the sound.

Rumble Fish – Don’t Live Like That (released)


01. Don’t Live Like That

02. Don’t Live Like That (Inst.)

Rumble Fish has returned with a new single “Don’t Live Like That.” This track was written, composed and produced by Rumble Fish herself along with Buzz’s Yoon Woo Hyun. It has an addictive melody with a fast and strong beat. The song is about a girl who catches her man red-handed with another woman. Rumble Fish’s strong vocals match well with the content and sound of the song.

Thanks to jnkm for translations this week.

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