“Nice Guy’s” Moon Chae Won Gets Egged

Despite getting floured and egged, actress Moon Chae Won managed to look great. Earlier today, KBS’s upcoming drama “Nice Guy” unveiled new teaser stills of its lead actress. As shown in the stills, Moon Chae Won’s Seo Eun Ki, the heiress to Taesan Corp., is surrounded by men and covered in flour and egg. Even in the unpleasant circumstance, she looks dignified, using all her strength to look calm and brave. 

According to the production team, Moon Chae Won received the hurls of egg and flour with poise, expressing all the necessary emotions and displaying her passion to the shoot. A representative of the team described, “Despite getting egged in such a hot summer weather, she was so focused during the shoot, Her passion and seriousness for her craft makes everyone look forward to what she can offer.” 

“Nice Guy” is a classic melodrama involving betrayal, revenge, and romance. The story is about Kang Maru (Song Joong Ki), who gave everything up for the woman he loves only to be betrayed by her. To get revenge on his ex-girlfriend, he uses another girl with amnesia. The series also stars Park Shi Yeon.

“Nice Guy” will air its pilot episode on Wednesday, September 12, at 9:55PM KST on KBS2.