Baek Ah Yun Debuts First From “KPOP Star” Season 1

According to OSEN news, Baek Ah Yun is one of the first from “KPOP Star” Season 1 to make her debut.

It’s been reported that her debut is planned for mid-September and the countdown begins! The winner of the show, Park Ji Min, and the runner up, Lee Ha Yi, have yet to make their debuts.

After landing in the top 3 within the audition, Baek Ah Yun signed on with JYP Entertainment. She has shown potential as a girl group member and ability to hold her own as a solo singer marking her as versatile. She’s only 19 years old this year and has a pretty face and has displayed her potential as a great singer by successfully tackling ballad songs with her angelic voice and sexy dance songs with her smooth moves. This killer combo helped her place in the top 3.

Park Ji Min, also from JYP Entertainment, is planning for her solo debut and Lee Ha Yi, from YG Entertainment, is planning to debut through Su Pearls. Stay tuned for more info!