After School’s Uee Poses with 300 Butterflies for “Campus 10”

After School’s Uee recently shot a spread for the September issue of “Campus 10,” posing with 300 butterflies. As shown in the released photos, the multi-talented entertainer shed her sexy diva image and went for a lovely, delicate look. 

According to the production team, over 300 live butterflies were prepared for the shoot, completing the “Miss Butterfly” theme. The butterflies gently fluttered all over the studio, showering Uee with their graceful charm as she called to them, “Butterfly~ come over here and play with me.” 

Uee described, “When I heard the concept, I was puzzled to hear that an insect would be my partner. However, as I monitored myself during the shoot, I found out just how gorgeous it looked. I’m very satisfied with the spread.”

Meanwhile, Uee is currently considering upcoming drama “Jeon Woo Chias her next project.