CRAZY + G-DRAGON = G-Dragon’s Comeback Single

G-Dragon’s new comeback single, as a solo artist, is titled “Crayon” and is the second track on the track listing released on YG Entertainment‘s blog. “Crayon” was produced by YG’s representative producer Teddy along with G-Dragon, with G-Dragon penning the lyrics.

The title “Crayon” is two-fold in meaning. It comes from combining “CRAZY+G-DRAGON” and also is short for “CRAZY ON.” As G-Dragon’s selected comeback single, it is expected that new single “Crayon” will strongly display G-Dragon’s special brand of crazy and his uniqueness.

G-Dragon’s comeback mini album “One of a Kind” will be released online on September 15. 

G-Dragon’s first album “Heartbreaker” is available for purchase on Soompi Shop at a discounted price of 30% off the regular price.