T-ara’s “Sexy Love” MV Seen over 2 Million Times in Less Than 24 Hours

T-ara’s controversial comeback has generated much interest in the K-Pop world, resulting in over two million total clicks for their new videos.

In the last 24 hours, T-ara released the teaser, drama version, dance version, making-of version of “Sexy Love,” as well as the ballad music video for “Day and Night.” Since their release at midnight on September 3, all of those videos attracted slightly over two million views on YouTube and Gom TV.

“T-ara has promised themselves to forget about their past popularity and go on stage with the mindset of a rookie. We believe the reason ‘Sexy Love’ got so many clicks is because of curiosity, not necessarily our popularity. Our mindset is to go on stage with the determination and spirit of even dying on stage,” T-ara said in a statement. 

If you haven’t seen the “Sexy Love” dance version MV yet, check it out below!