Rainbow’s Jisook Shows Off Her “Hip-Hop” Aegyo on Me2Day

A photograph of idol girl group Rainbow’s Jisook has been posted online.

On September 3, Rainbow member Jisook posted a photograph of herself on her Me2Day account with the following words: “Even though I’d like to become a hip-hopper, I just became someone who overdid it.” 

The photograph shows Jisook showing off her “hip-hop” aegyo with a cute expression, her blond hair in pigtails, and an over-sized hat featuring the chubby “Hobbang Man” above the brim. 

Rainbow is expected to make their comeback this fall. Taking a break from the music scene as a group, Rainbow members were busy with individual activities, subunit activities, and promotional activities in Japan. Rainbow’s last musical promotional activities in South Korea were in 2011 with second mini album “So Girls” and the repackaged edition of the second mini album “So Girls” which are available for purchase on Soompi Shop at discounted prices of 30% less than their regular prices.