Jay Park Goes “Gangnam Style” on Set of New CF!

Jay Park gave his own version of “Gangnam Style” on the set of his new CF!

Recently, a video titled, “Park Jae Bum Horse Dance,” was posted online. The video, reportedly filmed at the CF set of fashion brand Googims, shows Jay Park dance to the tunes of PSY’s megahit single, “Gangnam Style.”

Although the impromptu performance only lasted for 30 seconds, Jay Park showed off his full arsenal of moves for “Gangnam Style,” making the entire staff on set scream in excitement. The video was later dubbed “Jay Park’s b-boying ‘Gangnam Style,” based on his more refined “horse dance” moves.

Netizens commented, “Jay Park and the horse dance…I’m going crazy!” “This is an absolute beauty,” and “He’s the best dancer in K-Pop.”

Enjoy the video below!