KARA’s Goo Hara Purchases House to Get Closer to Her Boyfriend?

Goo Hara, from the popular girl group KARA, has just bought a house at the tender age of 21.

This news has been belatedly revealed by the real estate insiders. She has purchased a single-family home in Cheong Dam Dong, a posh neighborhood within Gangnam, Seoul for 1.165 billion won (approx. 1 million dollars). It’s been confirmed that she doesn’t have any loans at the bank and has successfully got her “dream house.”

It’s a 2-story 138㎡ (approx. 1500 sq. feet) house with a basement and was constructed in 1975. As it’s already showing it’s years with stale paint and fine cracks, Goo Hara has decided for the house to go under renovation. She has not revealed whether she will live in the house after the remodeling finishes or if she will rent it out.

Her house is located near JYP Entertainment and Cube Entertainment. It’s interesting to note that her boyfriend, Yong Jun Hyung from Beast, belongs to Cube Entertainment and the company is only 200m (approx. 0.1 mile) away.

Goo Hara is currently promoting “Pandora” with her KARA members. Recently appointed as Lacoste L!ve’s global icon, Goo Hara is planning to soon showcase her solo song “Secret Love.”