FT Island Reveals Comeback Song at Their Concert

On September 1 and 2, FT Island held a solo concert at Olympic Park Olympic Hall in Seoul. The theme of the concert was “Take Ft Island.”

They have passionately performed 21 songs for this concert. They sung the highlight portion of their upcoming album’s title track “You Must Like It” (English translation not confirmed), surprising the fans with a great gift. They performed songs they took part in composing and lyric writing titled “Life,” “Paper Plane,” “Compass,” “Let it go!” and “Wanna Go” impressing the crowd.

FT Island plans to release their new album on September 10. Their company reveals, “The 5 members have composed and wrote lyrics for 5 of the new songs. FT Island included particular songs in the album they wanted to show. The highlight portion of the title song, ‘You Must Like It,’ was performed today, but it’s a song with a twist.”

Known as “Fan Babo,” FT Island received a lot of praise for preparing diligently for the concert. When they performed “Prima Donna,” Lee Hong Ki jumped into the audience.

Fans from various countries like Denmark, Spain, Italy, France and Japan have attended the concert showing the popularity of FT Island. The members were touched by the fans encouraging them with their placards during the fans’ special event.

On September 10, FT Island will release their 4th album “Five Treasure Box.”