Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Siwon Go on a Late Night Date

Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Siwon snapped a photo following a late night basketball game. On September 4, Leeteuk tweeted, “Not working out tonight. Go home early!” Choi Siwon retweeted his post and wrote, “I’m not working out either. We’re together right now.” Shortly after Leeteuk tweeted, “This is what we’re doing. Haha. And playing basketball,” and attached a photo of himself with group mate.

As shown in the photo, both are dressed in casual shirt and cap, sipping a cool drink. Their funny, yet adorable expressions brought laughter to many who saw the photo. 

Netizens who saw their twitter conversation and photo commented, “They’re so cute,” “Playing basketball at this hours…” “Their expressions are so funny,” “I wish I can going them,” and more. 

Meanwhile, Super Junior has been selected as this year’s honorary ambassadors for the Gangnam province, following in the footsteps of their labelmates Girls’ Generation