A Fan’s Love: The Many Faces of Kim Sun Ah on Me2Day

A photograph showing actress Kim Sun Ah’s many cute aegyo faces has been posted online. 

The photograph is a composite of ten photographs that were originally posted on actress Kim Sun Ah’s Me2day account. The ten photographs showed Kim Sun Ah’s various playful poses and cute aegyo faces.

Netizens who viewed the photograph responded: “It’s not not not right to show such cute faces,” “With the chic and haughty lady gone, is it the super cute Sun Ah-nim?” “These are cute, out-standing selcas show Kim Sun Ah’s sense.”

Kim Sun Ah became a star with 2005 MBC drama “My Lovely Sam Soon” (also known as “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” which also made household names of Hyun Bin, Jung Ryeo Won, and Daniel Henney

Most recently, Kim Sun Ah who seems to specialize in aspirational roles that appeal to women who are single, in their thirties, and also long for both love and personal success, starred in 2012 MBC drama “I Do, I Do” with Lee Jang Woo and the 2011 SBS drama “Scent of a Woman” with Lee Dong Wook.