Taeyeon Looking Beautiful Filming “Running Man”

Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation has been spotted filming for SBS “Running Man” and it’s creating a lot of buzz.

The behind-the-scenes photo has recently circulated around online community sites and social networking services confirming her appearance.

Taeyeon is looking lovely wearing a yellow dress and walking barefoot along the beach. What’s attracting the netizens’ attention is her huge height difference with Lee Kwang Soo. Nicknamed as a giraffe for his long, lean figure, Kwang Soo is known to be 190cm tall (approx. 6’2”). Taeyeon’s profile states her height at 162cm (approx. 5’3”) revealing just how huge their gap in height.

Fans at the site have commented that she looks really cute after she changed into her team uniform sporting two pony tails. They’ve added that she showed her great work ethics by doing her best participating in the games.

On September 3, “Running Man” filmed in Nampo-dong, Busan with actors like Im Ha Ryong, Ko Chang Suhk for the “Flower Ahjussis” special. Taeyeon’s sighting is causing much anticipation for this special.