[Soompi Shop] G-Dragon’s “One of a Kind,” T-ara’s “Mirage,” MBLAQ’s “Men in MBLAQ” and Many More!

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This week, we’ve added G-Dragon’s latest solo album, “One of a Kind,” T-ara’s controversial comeback album, “Mirage,” MBLAQ’s new concert DVD, “Men in MBLAQ,” and many more!

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G-Dragon – “One of a Kind”

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G-Dragon returns with “One of a Kind,” his first solo album in 3 years! He’s already released the music videos for “One of a Kind” and “That XX,” which also starred Jennie Kim from YGE’s new girl group. This album also features Kim Yoon Ah from Jaurim, Kim Jong Wan from Nell, Tablo from Epik High, and Dok2. We randomly ship from the Bronze or Gold versions.


T-ara – “Mirage”

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Amidst all the controversy, T-ara is back with their sixth repackaged album, “Mirage.” The album comes with the catchy title track, “Sexy Love,” produced by Shinsadong Tiger. It also comes with a new track, “Love All,” and all five tracks from their previous album, “Day by Day.”

MBLAQ – “Men in MBLAQ”

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This 3-disc release of MBLAQ’s “Men in MBLAQ 2011” concert lets you relive the live moments the explosive concert. It comes with live performances of “Cry,” “Mona Lisa,” and “Oh Yeah,” just to name a few, as well as special solo stages from the five members. It also includes a disc with making-of-footage, and a 50-page photobook. All this for only $26.99, and we guarantee you won’t find a better deal anywhere else!


F.T Island – “Five Treasure Box”

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F.T. Island is back with its fourth album, “Five Treasure Box.” Check out their title track, “I Wish,” by ordering their album here!

OST – “The Dignity of a Gentleman”

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The popular SBS drama series has now released its OST album! It features some of the top ballad artists, including Lee Hyun of 8eight, Kim Tae Woo, and Gyun Woo.


[Exclusive] Glam Special Package

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Soompi Shop has put out a great special package featuring girl group GLAM! For only $10.99, you can get an autographed album, 5 individual photos of the girls, 1 felt bag with a Glam logo, 1 fan with a Glam logo, as well as 5 pens in a single plastic box with the girls’ logo! All this for only $10.99!